Setting up your private testnet

To facilitate your integration with BarnBridge, please feel free to set up a private testnet by following the specific READ.ME instructions on our Github repositories. This will allow you to better understand and test our Smart Contracts.

For Smart Yield, you can find our originator contracts (for example, for Compound and Aave) on /contracts/providers/ in our Github repository.

To provide guidance, we develop our smart contracts using the following technology stack:

  • Typescript and Node.js We recommend installing Node Version Manager (NVM) and installing the latest Node.js 12.x unless otherwise specified. Once you have your Node environment set up, getting started is typically as easy as running npm install

  • Hardhat - Ethereum Development Environment This allows you to quickly spin up a development environment to compile, deploy, test, and debug our Ethereum software. Please see Getting Started on the Hardhat documentation for further details.

  • Configuration Please see the README instructions for configuration requirements. For example, SMART Yield smart contracts, you will need to rename config.sample.ts to config.ts.

  • Deployment Scripts and Public Testnet You can find our deployment scripts under scripts/ applicable to our smart contracts including public testnet (we use Kovan). For the application to connect to the Ethereum network, you may also need to set up an Infura account and API key and change the config.ts configuration accordingly. Read more on Using our public testnet.

As always, please feel free to join the #developers thread in our Discord Community Server to get support from the core team developers and other community members.

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